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Waterjets made by Playfountain

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Playing outside on an aluminium playfountain from PlayFountain®

In a business park in Soest, water jets are jumping out of the floor. Here you can admire the mobile attraction "Playfountain®".

Playfountain® is a stage floor of approximately 25 cm high with pre-programmed water jets to realize countless games. The product has gone through a lot of developments in recent years.

Where previously materials such as steel and plastic were used, the construction is now almost entirely built from extruded aluminium profiles. The development of the aluminium construction has been realized in close collaboration with Hydro. Why has an aluminum construction now been chosen?

Playfountain waterjets and lightshow

Light modular aluminum construction

The flexible design of the PlayFountain® makes it possible to install and dismantle the attraction on location within a day. The light modular aluminum construction is essential for rapid set-up and dismantling. The floor is built up with modules of approximately two square meter, these modules consist of three profiles that are connected with a click connection. Thanks to the smart profile design and light weight, these modules can easily be placed by two people on the aluminium substructure.

a girl playing in the waterPlay safely outside

PlayFountain® must meet all safety standards that apply to playground equipment. The profiles are provided with a special anti-slip coating to prevent people from slipping on the wet surface. The slip resistance of the coated surface has been tested and the highest qualification has been achieved.

Surface protection

Despite the fact that aluminum is extremely suitable for outdoor applications where it comes into contact with water, it has nevertheless been decided to provide the substructure with an anodizing surface treatment. Earlier versions have shown that the antibacterial components in the water can have a negative effect on the surface. The hard oxide layer that forms during anodizing protects the profile against this.

a sign on a window

Total solution

“Hydro not only provides us with profiles, but with a total solution. After extruding, the different profiles are also post-processed there and provided with coating or anodization ”, says Guido Molenaar (Manager Research & Development).


About PlayFountain®

PlayFountain BV, a company based in Soest, is the developer of the product with the same name. They sell and rent this product worldwide.

The PlayFountain® is the first mobile water play attraction and consists of a floor with modular elements of 2 square meters and a technical room in which water is purified and treated. This leads to a water park of 10 x 10 meters in size. The PlayFountain® contains more than a thousand water jets with which many pre-programmed games can be played. Games like walking through a labyrinth of water or escaping from prison are just a few examples. But spectacular water shows with light and sound effects are also possible! Water fun for young and old guaranteed.

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