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Every day we strive to make aluminum part of the solution to the great challenges of our time, such as climate change. Being involved in the long aluminum value chain provides us with benefits unmatched by our global peers. We have the ability to influence production from its origins. By tracking each step, we can document our sustainability practices and be transparent.

Our goal is to create a more livable society by converting natural resources into products and services in an innovative and efficient way. This is accompanied by a clear strategic direction. First of all, we want to strengthen our position in low-carbon aluminum and grow in energy and recycling. In doing so, we focus on 3 pillars:

  • Greener sourcing, both for the metal we buy for our operations and, for example, for the energy we use.
  • Greener production. Not only by reducing emissions, waste and the consumption of natural resources in our processes, but also by increasing the degree of recycling.
  • Green products and services, with which we aim to help our customers improve their sustainable products.

Our own recycling units

We recycle aluminum around the world, laying a foundation for the circular economy. It takes a lot of energy to produce primary aluminum, but the process of recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the energy needed for primary aluminum production. In the Benelux we have two Hydro recycling units: in Ghlin (BE) and in Drunen (NL). Both sites are, like all Hydro Extrusions Benelux plants, certified according to the ASI Performance Standard and the ASI Chain of Custody (CoC Standard).
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Hydro RESTORE / Hydro Closing the Loop

Hydro RESTORE is our range of aluminum made from recycled pre-consumer scrap, recycled post-consumer scrap and primary aluminum. Hydro RESTORE is one of Hydro's sustainable alternatives and is produced in our own recycling units. By collecting and recycling scrap close to the source, our customers receive the best service and flexibility while contributing to the local economy.
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Hydro REDUXA is our series of aluminum with low CO2 emissions. By using renewable energy sources such as hydropower, we reduce the CO2 footprint per kg of aluminum to less than a quarter of the global average. The result is aluminum with one of the lowest CO2 footprints to date.
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Hydro Eco-Design

All products have an impact on the environment, starting with the extraction of the material and continuing through production, transportation, use, disposal and recycling. How can Hydro EcoDesign help you make your products more sustainable?
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ASI: The hallmark for responsible aluminum

The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global non-profit organization with the goal of improving sustainability throughout the aluminum value chain. ASI has developed an independent third-party certification system for responsible aluminum production to ensure that sustainability and human rights are increasingly embedded in the production, use and recycling of aluminum.
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CO2 footprint

Every material comes with a footprint, including aluminum. We have commissioned an LCA to gain insight into the environmental impact of our products. On the one hand, the LCA is intended to optimize our (production) processes. On the other hand, we want to be transparent and give our customers accurate and individual information about the CO2 emissions of their products.

Sustainability insight

We believe it is important to give you insight into our aluminum and what we are doing to make our products more sustainable. That is why we make an annual report on this subject.

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