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Dedicated plants deliver Big and Wide customized profiles

Our biggest extrusion press, which is located in Lichtervelde, offers a press force of 8200 tons, enabling tighter tolerances as well as simplified design work, production processes and assembly time.

Extrusion of Big Profiles in Lichtervelde.jpg

A press force of 8200 tons means that the aluminium profiles can reach

  • a width of 620 mm
  • a weight up to 65 kg / meter
  • a length up to 26 meters

Superior tolerances - Simplified design

A high pressing force gives you tighter tolerances, which simplifies your design work, production process and assembly time. Not to mention that you can achieve a high level of surface quality and improve your end product.

Strong and light

Big profiles offer big advantages for varied applications. As a substitution of steel, big aluminium profiles are not only much lighter, but an application based on aluminium will also be able to realize the same strength. Accordingly, the weight of the whole construction will be reduced and the manufacture of assemblies simplified.

All functionalities in only one profile

Big profiles are not only strong and light, but thanks to the large freedom of shape that the extrusion process offers, it is possible to produce exactly the desired form.

Constructions may be simplified and optimized. It is for instance possible to replace the functionality of several components by one single big profile and to simplify by this the material flow and assembly.

Applications for big profiles vary widely

Such as, for example :

See how far we can take your product

This illustration shows the maximum possible circumference of our large profiles.

Dimensions Big Extrusions Benelux
Profile Dimensions BIG Extrusions Benelux.jpg

Go even bigger with FSW

Discover a few of the ways Hydro can help to increase your productivity, cut your costs, and optimize structural design.

Friction Stir Welding
Friction Stir Welding for big and wide aluminium profiles - Benelux.jpg

Customized design or Standard profile?

Most of our profiles are customer-specific, because there is no standard solution for a specific problem. But not every problem is so complex that only specially designed shapes bring the desired advantage. 

In our standard-catalog you will find our most common standard profiles that are available to you.


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