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Hydro RESTORE is one of Hydro's sustainable alternatives and is manufactured in our own recycling units. Hydro RESTORE can be used for the full range of aluminium products, such as cars, trains, furniture, electronics, ships, buildings, facades, windows, doors and much more.

Even the most modern aluminium production generates scrap. Pre-consumer scrap is a natural consequence of the production process. Hydro is continuously working to reduce the generation of scrap by optimising production processes and working closely with customers to develop applications that generate less scrap. However, a certain amount of pre-consumer scrap will be unavoidable.

Hydro collects pre-consumer scrap from its own facilities and from customers for recycling. After collection, it is taken to one of Hydro's recycling sites where it is melted down and cast into billets for return for reuse in new products. In this way, waste is minimised and valuable aluminium is returned to the production process.

In addition to pre-consumer scrap, Hydro RESTORE also contains post-consumer scrap and primary aluminium. Post-consumer scrap has already had a "life" - as window frames, car wheels or beverage cans - and is now recycled to make something new. The small amount of primary aluminium in Hydro RESTORE ensures the right composition of the alloy.

We will always be transparent about the composition of Hydro RESTORE and its environmental footprint.

Hydro's recycling units in the Benelux are located in Drunen (Netherlands) and Ghlin (Belgium). By collecting and recycling scrap directly at the source, our customers receive the best service and flexibility and contribute to the local economy. Both sites, as well as all Hydro Extrusions Benelux plants, are certified to the ASI Performance standard.

A step towards a circular economy

By keeping aluminium in the loop, we can keep the proportion of recycled material in Hydro RESTORE as high as possible. By increasing the share of post-consumer scrap, we can reduce the footprint.

Together we are closing the circle. We are here to support you. You can use Hydro and our circular partners to offer your discarded aluminium, both pre-consumer scrap and post-consumer scrap, and contribute to a circular economy.

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