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Electrical substations

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, its density being approximately three times lower than that of copper. These properties allow satisfying the needs of a sector as demanding as the electrical one.

Julio Valgañón, Valgañón Metal Cable manager
Julio Valgañón, manager of Valgañón Metal Cable

Valgañón Metal Cable, a leading company in the marketing and distribution of materials used in electrical substations, relies on the solutions provided by Hydro since 1994. More than 25 years of experience materialized in more than 5,500 projects, both national and international.

They especially stand out:

  • Substations 500 kV Colcabamba, Poroma, Yarabamba and Montalvo 500 (Peru).
  • 400 kV D'Ain Fateh Substation (Algerie).
  • Substations 400 kV Godelleta and Torremendo (Spain).

Hydro Extrusions in Spain makes all its productive and logistical resources available to meet the specific requirements of this market. In the words of Julio Valgañón, Managing Director of VMC:

"The close collaboration that we have developed over the years in our supplier-client relationship with Hydro adds value to our processes"

For Hydro in Iberia, Valgañón Metalcable SL is the exclusive official distributor of extruded aluminum tubes used in electrical substations.

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