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La Roca opens its doors to investors and analysts

Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Jason Fairclough to the left (in grey uniform). Ana Vázquez Avilés from Extruded Solutions Iberia (front row, second from the right), plant manager Jose Miguel Villanueva (front row, first on the left), Olena Lepikhina from Investor Relations (front row, third from the right).

A group of global investors and analysts attending a metals & mining conference in Barcelona in May, got a “value-added” experience visiting the nearby Hydro’s extrusion plant in La Roca to see and learn.

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Metals & Mining conference is one of the biggest annual events in the financial world, at least for those involved in the world of metals. This year it was held for the 36th time and was attended by 85 companies, including Hydro represented by the CFO Eivind Kallevik and Investor Relations.

As a part of the conference, a truly global group of investors and BoAML analysts from Europe, the US, Asia and South Africa took the opportunity to have a real-life look at Hydro and the extrusion business through a plant visit to La Roca. Extruded Solutions are a particularly interesting business area for the financial market due to the recent Sapa acquisition as well as a relatively large weight in Hydro’s financials.

Business deep dive

Hosted by Hydro’s Ana Vazques Aviles, vice-president of Extruded Solutions Iberia, José Miguel Villanueva, the plant manager at La Roca, and Investor Relations officer Olena Lepikhina, the visitors had a deep-dive into the extrusion business including the production process, key value drivers, solutions and customers. The participants were especially curious about the automotive segment, recycling, main alloys and the extrusion process in general.

The group left with a good insight into Extruded Solutions and a very positive view on Hydro. “The visitors were very impressed by the plant and by your enthusiasm for aluminium extrusions”, said the Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Jason Fairclough to the hosts.


While the site visit was valuable for the participants, it was equally important for Hydro to not only showcase our assets, but also to gather feedback on the market’s areas of interest and concern.

Executive vice-president for Extruded Solutions, Egil Hogna, congratulates on the successful plant visit and emphasizes its importance: “Ensuring investor understanding of our extrusion business is important for us".


•Founded in 1960, Hydro La Roca is part of Extrusion Iberia and has two presses, machining centers and cutting lines, thermal break assembly lines and a testing laboratory. •The plant employs 95 people and has an annual capacity of about 20 000 tonnes. •The Roca plant serves over 450 customers in various market segments like Automotive and Transportation, Building & Construction, Electrical Engineering and Industrial & Domestic equipment. It designs around 300 new products every year to meet the customer needs.

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