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Hydro joins the campaign "Aluminum, infinitely recyclable"

Hydro reaffirms its commitment in the sector by joining the campaign of the Spanish Aluminum Association (AEA)

Aluminio reciclable.jpg
Asociación Española del Aluminio y Tratamientos de Superficie

"Aluminum: Infinitely recyclable" is the name of the initiative with which the Spanish Association of Aluminum and Surface Treatments, to which Hydro belongs, carries out to highlight the qualities and advantages of aluminum.

Aluminum, as the metal of the future, is a sustainable option in terms of the selection of materials in all kinds of projects related to industry and building: it is 100% recyclable infinitely many times without losing its qualities, investing 5% of the energy required to manufacture primary aluminum.

Sustainability is part of Hydro's DNA in Spain, always putting aluminum at the center as the metal of the future. Hydro Extrusion Spain currently carries out 90% of its production with recycled aluminum and those products that are at the end of their useful life are also recycled through recycling. Together with the plants in Portugal each year 55,000 tons of recycled aluminum are used.

In addition, the company has recently been recognized in all its plants in Spain and Portugal with the sustainability certification in the industry Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI), which evaluates up to 59 environmental, social and governance principles and criteria, and certifies sustainable production throughout the aluminum value chain.In the words of Ana Vázquez, Vice President of Hydro Extrusion Spain:

Since our inception we have been committed to sustainability and the environment, betting on aluminum as a substitute for other materials in order to minimize and mitigate our carbon emissions. Our goal at Hydro is to minimize the environmental footprint in the aluminum production process, while maximizing the benefits of its use and subsequent recycling. "

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