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Automating production to stay ahead

BerryAlloc is using a local supplier in a high-cost country to manufacture the aluminium skirtings for its new wet room panels and laminated floor products. Hydro's smart use of technology and service excellence is the reason why.

Hydro is delivering the skirtings to BerryAlloc's Norwegian plant from its manufacturing plant in Magnor, Norway.

“We developed the new aluminium locking systems here in Norway,” says general manager John Vonli of BerryAlloc Norway. “I find it exciting that automation and the smart use of technology can make it profitable to move production closer to our customers and business operations.”

“We chose Hydro because of their competitive price. We also see a great advantage in being geographically close to our suppliers.”

From China to Norway

As part of the decision to move production of the aluminium skirtings to Norway – BerryAlloc had been receiving its products from a supplier in China – Hydro invested in new manufacturing equipment. The sorting machine can handle 4,500 profiles per hour by cutting and sorting profiles at an extremely fast pace.

Grand Avenue, which is BerryAlloc's new high-pressure laminate flooring collection, uses the new aluminium locking system. Each board in the collection is 240 cm long and the 0.6 mm-thick surface is twice as thick as conventional laminate floors.

The flooring is suitable for use in high-traffic areas like hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and airport terminals. The new skirtings enable the entire floor to be installed in record time.

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