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Cost-effective and efficient - a modern warehouse made of aluminium

In a world of (post) pandemics, consumers have become accustomed to ordering all their goods online with a few simple clicks. This explosive increase in orders has put pressure on the courier industry. In addition to the increasing workload, they have to adapt the number of employees and services in times of lockdown. It results in more work, with fewer people.

Technology is proving to be the savior. A conversion is taking place of courier companies that are revitalizing their traditional warehouses by equipping them with automatic sorting robots. Automation is helping to speed up processes, while at the same time increasing the level of safety for employees. Simply put: Courier and logistics companies today cannot survive without modern technology.

Fortunately, aluminium goes hand in hand with modern technologies that automate your warehouse, making both the customer and courier happy in the short term. Here are the benefits of aluminium for your automated warehouse:

1. Flexible and reliable
Nothing is as flexible and reliable as aluminium in your design. Why? Aluminium profiles can take almost any shape, allowing individual forms to be combined with more complex elements. It is therefore an ideal material for creating elements such as module racks and platforms. Your warehouse will thus consist of specially designed grid systems or high-density elements that save space. In addition, the material aluminium itself has the superior property of retaining its strength and light weight without losing flexibility. This makes the product extremely reliable.   

2. Save time and money
In addition to making more efficient use of space, automated storage systems allow warehouses to operate in three shifts without incurring additional staffing costs and reduce organizational and personnel management activities. Intelligent storage systems improve space utilization, speed up parcel sorting and delivery, and thus increase profits.

3. Customize in style
Did you know that aluminium can be recycled and reused over and over again? Not only do you have a warehouse with a long lifespan, but you are also reassured by the fact that it can be fully recycled without any loss of quality. Moreover, profiles often already consist of a high proportion of recycled material. Curious? Click on Hydro RESTORE and read more about recycling of aluminum.

4. Infinitely recyclable
Did you know that aluminium can be recycled over and over again? Not only do you have a warehouse with a long lifespan, but you are also reassured by the fact that it can be fully recycled without any loss of quality. In this way, you and us both make a contribution!

5. Everything under one roof - almost
Fortunately, you do not need to look for various parties to carry out different parts of the process for you. We are a 'one-stop shop'! This means that we offer all of the above processes under one roof, or well, almost under one roof. From extrusion to recycling, everything takes place at our locations in the Benelux. We coordinate this for you so that your project is carried out successfully from start to finish. One point of contact for a modern warehouse of aluminium profiles made using the right techniques, in the right format and with the right finish. How thoughtful!   

If we have not yet convinced you why aluminium is a necessity for your modern warehouse, please contact our EcoDesign manager. He will convince you.

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