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Fördersystem von Dambach Lagersysteme

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DAMBACH Lagersysteme dives into the world of aluminum

DAMBACH storage systems stands for dynamics in the warehouse. The family-run company is a pioneer for highly dynamic stacker cranes and automatic conveyor systems. Together with Hydro as a trustworthy partner, DAMBACH developed a well thought-out, new type of aluminum driving profile with many integrated functions for their innovative "MONOFLEX" conveyor system.

With years of experience in a dynamic and innovative future

Today, DAMBACH storage systems stand for new ideas and extraordinary solutions in the intralogistics industry. As early as the 1970s, the company specialized in automated storage and conveyor technology and expanded its portfolio, constantly adapting it to increasing customer requirements. Even today, everything from development and design to production is carried out in-house at the Bischweier site in Baden-Württemberg. The company is represented with its solutions worldwide and counts many well-known companies from the automotive industry, the food and beverage industry, the paper industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and logistics service providers among its existing customers. In summary, it can be said that the systems from DAMBACH are used wherever load carriers such as pallets or containers are transported.

Fördersystem von Dambach Lagersysteme

Flexibility and maximum precision – this is how Hydro was able to spark enthusiasm for aluminum at DAMBACH.

Being at ease in the world of aluminum extrusion, today's customer visited the Hydro Profile Academy before his first order to find out more about Hydro material processing. “Those were interesting insights. Within two days, further knowledge on the subject of aluminum extrusion processing was clearly conveyed to us: from the design principles to tool manufacture to the production process. This was very helpful for us to further sharpen our understanding of the machining possibilities of aluminium. In addition, we had the opportunity to ask our questions directly on site to the experts from Hydro. The additional factory tour, during which we were able to experience the manufacturing process live, was also exciting for us," says Tobias Lehnen, team leader for the design of conveyor systems.

3D-Grafik von einem Fördersystem von Dambach Lagersysteme

The flexibility in the aluminum shaping, which was able to meet DAMBACH's requirements exactly, as well as the accuracy of the extrusion, convinced the company of the Hydro aluminum profiles. "We were pleasantly surprised at how precise the profiles are," says Tobias Lehnen.

Passion and trusting cooperation make the difference

Hydro has been there with full passion and support from the beginning. Hydro was able to convince with its short response time right from the first inquiry.

A suitable and economical solution was developed together with Hydro and by exchanging different profile shapes, says Tobias Lehnen.

Overall, the team developed several profiles for the running and guide rails of the "MONOFLEX" electric floor conveyor. The profiles are each over 5 meters long and have a well thought-out punched pattern. “The uncomplicated and short-term coordination between the two companies led to a very good result. We had a competent and reliable contact at Hydro. He provided us with technical support, created the offers and coordinated the delivery, and took over all internal Hydro agreements. That accelerated the coordination process,” reports the team leader from DAMBACH Lagersysteme.

Hydro- und Dambach-Mitarbeitende von Unternehmensgebäude von Dambach Lagersysteme
v.l.n.r.: Lisa Kral (Hydro), Dominik Ifländer (Hydro), Tobias Lehnen (Dambach)

The innovative profiles from Hydro are used in the MONOFLEX system from DAMBACH

The MONOFLEX conveyor system sets new standards in pallet transport and is many times more efficient than conventional conveyor technology. With the highly dynamic "RAIL CARTS" transport vehicles, up to 600 pallets per hour can be transported on the two-rail system. The energy transfer to the RAIL CART is exclusively inductive - this reduces wear to a minimum. Furthermore, the advantages of the MONOFLEX system lie in the modularity, scalability and flexibility in adapting to the individual building structure and the logistical processes. Should the customer's requirements change, the system can be flexibly adapted at any time and the performance increased. An example of the flexible vehicle design is the new hybrid variant. This means that both pallets and several small load carriers can be transported with the same vehicle. The driving rail system is made of aluminum, which makes it robust and easy to install. Specially designed openings and recesses in the profile ensure quick installation and maximum flexibility for attachments.

3D-Grafik von einem Fördersystem von Dambach Lagersysteme

A partnership in its “infancy” that is ready for further joint projects

The collaboration was on the road to success from the start. “DAMBACH is a great customer. The project gave us a lot of pleasure, even if the complexity of the profiles challenged us, but that's exactly what we enjoy - the challenge. Communication with the customer is uncomplicated and it is nice that they place so much trust in us,” says Dominik Ifländer, Sales Engineer at Hydro. And there are already talks about how aluminum profiles could be used in other DAMBACH products in the future.

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