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Portrait of Sacha Brandt in front of aluminium rods

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Expert insight - Sacha Brandt

Sustainability a key factor in your product’s success

“Times are changing, and sustainability is becoming the main decision gate for purchasing. Today, our clients are more concerned about the environmental impact of the production, than they are about the costs, which used to be the case,” says Sacha Brandt, Hydro plant manager. 

Sacha Brandt is the plant manager of the world’s first ASI certified extrusion plant, Hydro Hoogezand in the Netherlands. He knows what questions you need to ask before starting the design and production process. 

To make sure that your product is sustainable, Brandt recommends asking yourself three important questions: 

  1. What is the environmental impact of my final product? 
  2. What is the CO2 content of my product?  
  3. How can I make sure that my product is recyclable? 

Hydro’s experts will help you with the answers and together you will find a solution that works for you.

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