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Hydro Design Academy

Those who do not pay attention to design will not be in business tomorrow. Are you interested in learning more about aluminium design?

We offer you Hydro Profile Academy, a multi-day program with hands-on assistance from design experts who can help you turn ideas into innovative, functional and cost-efficient solutions.

Material tolerances and industry standards

The program includes information about such things as tolerances and how various parts can be made to fit together. It also includes a seminar on how to understand and interpret often-complicated industry standards.

Showcases using aluminium design

New ideas are frequently sparked by a presentation showcasing customer cases using aluminium design. A customer in one industry can get inspiration using techniques across disciplines. For example, one customer working with refrigerated delivery trucks borrowed an insulation technology from the aluminium window industry.

Design manual

In your program, you will work with professionals from different industries on aluminium designs and solutions. This will help your creative process. And often, when you conclude the group work, you will find designs turned into solutions that save you time and money with a product that is more feasible from a production standpoint.

Aluminium is a material that catches the eye

Good design has to do with seeing something from a different perspective. And aluminium is a material that catches the eye.

Contact us today to learn more about Profile Academy and where you can register.

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