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Karoline Iden

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Meet Karoline: ‘Work environment is absolutely fantastic’

Karoline Dyrdal Iden, 22, is an operator at our aluminium plant in Husnes, where she enjoys variety and new challenges every day.


In Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. I took my education at Laksevåg High School as a chemistry and process operator, and my apprenticeship at Elkem Solar in Kristiansand. Then I took another year at school to gain general study skills.

Job and location

Chemical and process operator in electrolysis at Hydro’s aluminium plant in Husnes, near Bergen.


My work tasks vary day by day. In Electrolysis, we are assigned different work tasks per shift. So everything from tapping, anode exchange, group, bath tapping, etc. You get very good variety in everyday life.


I like very much that you have a lot of variety. It presents a different challenge every day. In addition, there are a lot of us who work shifts, so there are many people you can get to know, which I enjoy very much.


It is very social to work at Hydro. This is because we are a large group that works in shifts, and we try and have various social events outside working hours. The job also offers a lot of collaboration, and that makes the social aspect better.


My career and development have been very exciting so far. There have been some challenges as we are starting the B Hall, the new production line, in November, and new vehicles have been ordered to learn and maneuver. It has meant that you have to be fast and learn the various tasks, but it has made my development better, as I have become faster independently.


As of today, I have no special wishes on what I want to achieve. Maybe take part-time engineering studies later. I am very happy at the moment and have many expectations for the restart of the B Hall, so I look forward to being a part of that.


I would definitely recommend applying for a job at Hydro. The work environment is absolutely fantastic, and the job offers many different challenges.

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