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Morten Volland Finnekås

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Meet Morten: ‘Ideas and inspiration to improve the business’

Morten Volland Finnekås, 26, has a rich experience in Hydro as an Intern and Graduate. Here’s what he has to say.


Born and raised in Rjukan, Norway. Officer's Training Program in the Royal Norwegian Air Force; MSc in Engineering Cybernetics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, specializing in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid.

Job and location

Developer in Group IT & Digital – Center of Excellence, Oslo


Drive innovation, shaping and safeguarding in the digital domain. More specifically, my team is developing a new common data platform for use in Hydro. This platform will be a key enabler when driving new innovative initiatives and aims at making big data analytics easily accessible for strengthening profitability and sustainability in Hydro.


To be able to work with all the Business Areas, see the whole value chain, and to contribute to something that is high up on the agenda in Hydro and that can make a difference in the years to come.


Improve even more the practices we have around DevOps methodology.

DevOps is for some a cultural change and it requires digital maturity, but I think the methodology can improve Hydro in three specific fields:

  1. Better collaboration between operators and developers
  2. Faster product value creation
  3. Higher product quality


I have been very lucky to be a part of both the Internship Program and also the Graduate Program over the last three years. The Internship Program is very well recognized by students, and for me it delivered on all points. It allowed me to build a network with other students in different fields of study and with people inside the Hydro organization, which has been very useful when starting as a Graduate.

The Graduate Program gave me warm welcome as a new employee in Hydro, with interesting seminars, teaching me more about the history of Hydro, and good courses, giving me personal development. I have also had a lot of fun, with activities such as RIB boat safari in Sognefjorden and trying to escape a space station through VR glasses!


I started my career in Hydro working with maintenance on the power plants in Telemark. The main task was to ensure that the power stations looked respectable, as they are actually present on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

During my studies at the university, I got an Internship at the R&D department in Primary Metal, working close to the aluminium production in Øvre Årdal. During the Internship, I learned a lot about combining theoretical knowledge with practical work.

In my Graduate period I have experienced the world-wide reach of the organization and come closer to the rest of the business areas. I have also learned about other business aspects, such as the aluminium market and how to take an idea from the initial phase to a product.

I thrive the most when I am out in the different plants, with operators teaching me their good knowledge and experience. There we can work on common solutions on how to enhance our knowledge about the processes and how to improve the business.


Currently, I want to improve my skills as a developer, and bring new ideas and inspiration for how to improve the business. I strive for continuous personal development and want to be seen as a trustworthy and hardworking team member.


That there are many good opportunities for both personal and career development in Hydro, and that your voice and ideas are listened to.

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