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Paulina Beck

Stories by Hydro

Meet Paulina: ‘Great and talented people who will support you all the way’

Paulina Beck, 25, is a communication and marketing intern, says she is getting invaluable hands-on experience and insights.


Kaunas, Lithuania


Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Management

Position and location in Hydro

Intern, Communication & Public Affairs department Intern, Oslo

Paulina Beck


We are three interns working as a team on a project in the communication department. We are developing a marketing campaign towards a specific target group, with the goal to increase Hydro’s follower base and engagement on social media. We are currently writing an article and creating ads for one of Hydro’s upcoming marketing campaigns.


I am very satisfied with my experience here so far. I learn new things every day and get to challenge myself. The management encourages me to participate in weekly meetings, allowing me great insight into the company’s goals. I also got introduced to new tools that are used to monitor and manage social media platforms, which will be key to the performance of the campaign we are creating.


Everyone at Hydro is very friendly, supporting and really makes me feel like I am a part of the team. I get to meet and connect with new people from different departments and different backgrounds, and that is very exciting. We also have weekly lunch with all the interns at Hydro, where we get to know each other better and share our experiences.


The job tasks at Hydro have stimulated my strategic thinking, creativity, decision making and understanding how a business operates. I also got to work on my writing and presentation skills.


Currently, my goal is to acquire experience and knowledge in the communication and marketing field. Furthermore, I wish to find a job that challenges me, gives room for growth, and meets my expectations.

What would you say to someone thinking about working for Hydro?

I would definitely say go for it! Hydro is an amazing company that has great and talented people working who will support you all the way.

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