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Miranda & Irmão: the vision of a bicycle manufacturing expert who trusts Hydro

The bicycle sector is in a time of intense growth, not only because of the possibilities it offers for the practice of sports and leisure activities, but also as a means of urban transport. Why did Miranda & Irmão choose aluminum from Hydro?

The spectacular demand for bicycles experienced after the situation generated by COVID-19 is favored by a greater concern of people to stay active and avoid sedentary lifestyle, with a preference for individual practice of outdoor sports and avoiding closed spaces. The fact of being a "green" means of transport is another point in favor, as there is currently a greater awareness and concern about sustainability.

Portugal was the largest bicycle producer in Europe in 2020 and Miranda & Irmão , one of its greatest exponents.

Its manager, João Miranda, offers us his vision on the sector, the use of aluminum and his relationship with Hydro.

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Aluminum, the right choice

"Aluminum represents a balanced combination in terms of weight versus resistance, managing to be the ideal solution for our applications. Our components, in addition to their renowned quality, must be light and extremely durable, and aluminum allows the best balance between weight and robustness. ".


"Hydro and Miranda & Irmão are partners, not only in the commercial aspect, but also in that of innovation and research. Miranda & Irmão needs alloys with specific properties to achieve the best properties of the parts, and Hydro contributes to the development and providing excellent quality products Transmission components are elements that suffer above average fatigue and as such deserve increased attention and optimized alloys.

We can say that proximity to the customer, research capacity and quality are the most valued aspects of our collaboration with Hydro. "


"Sustainability is a very important factor today. Miranda today has a 100% renewable energy supply and promotes ecology because it makes perfect sense in the segment in which it is located (the bicycle as a green means of transport ).

With regard to recycled aluminum, it does not lose characteristics or mechanical properties in the process and allows the development of special alloys that are optimal for our application, so it is a win-win situation: respectful with the environment, with quality and that provides improvements in the production process ".

Hydro promotes solutions for sustainable mobility offering the best service and quality for our clients and through innovation, with the development of aluminum alloys specially designed for the sector. With Hydro RESTORE we can guarantee the supply of recycled aluminum, providing total transparency regarding its content and associated carbon footprint.


About Miranda & Irmão : Miranda & Irmão mainly produces and sells transmission products for bicycles, such as cranks and chainrings (bottom bracket), with a clear focus on tailor-made solutions for e-bikes, a segment with great potential for development. Innovation and continuous improvement is part of Miranda's DNA, with a focus on the continuous modernization of its production capacity and investment in Industry 4.0.

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