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Solar energy from more sustainable mounting systems

If you choose renewable energy, you should also choose for sustainable mounting systems. That is the motto of Sunbeam, the Dutch manufacturer of mounting systems for solar modules, which was founded in 2011 by Marco Jansen and Peter Wieriks. The company, which has been certified as carbon neutral since 2020, chooses Hydro aluminum with a low carbon footprint.

Sunbeam's vision is to produce better, faster and simpler mounting systems. With "Nova", the mounting system for flat roofs, and "Luna" for sloped roofs, the Zeist-based manufacturer offers innovative and intelligent solutions for the installation of solar modules for many applications. Solar energy is considered one of the most important drivers of the energy transition and is characterized by its zero emissions. But the systems that deliver this energy are often anything but sustainably manufactured. Sunbeam however, is a shining example of how to do it right.

A good company

The company is putting sustainability first, not only making massive CO2-reductions, but inspiring an entire industry in the process. "As a company, we have a hand- and a footprint. We keep our footprint as small as possible by constantly reducing our CO2 emissions. Our handprint represents our cooperation and collaboration with companies, partners, suppliers, work groups and universities to share our knowledge and sustainable mission. Especially in our industry, we need to be a role model," says Brecht van der Laan, CSR Manager at Sunbeam.

A good partner

One of the main components of Sunbeam's mounting systems is aluminum. The challenge was to find a partner that could meet both quality and sustainability requirements. They finally found a good partner in Hydro, choosing for REDUXA: aluminum produced entirely with renewable energy sources such as hydropower with a maximum footprint of 4.0 kg of CO2 per kg of aluminum produced. This is a quarter of the global average. Hydro, as a local partner and one-stop shop with all post-processing capabilities, can also perform the surface treatment of the profiles - painting the profiles in the iconic yellow that Sunbeam requires for some profiles. Brecht van der Laan states: "The cooperation with Hydro is characterized above all by transparency. Whether it's in terms of extrusion or various finishing treatments like painting, whatever element I need information on in terms of footprint, Hydro can give us accurate information on that. That helps us a lot”.

A bright future

Sunbeam's goal is to have zero emissions by 2040 and also Hydro is on its way there. With all these ambitions and bundled forces, the future looks bright in terms of sustainability. We look forward to continue to support Sunbeam and hope to provide an example, of how sustainable solar energy can be provided by more sustainable mounting systems.

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