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The Decorative Strip - A collaboration between SKILD and Hydro

When SKILD's engineers came across a detail they didn't like when designing plastic flooring, they decided to change it. Ulvrin, engineer at SKILD explains: "Plastic floors have a completely open structure. At car openings, that doesn't look nice." Something that should be able to be modified. The solution was found in cooperation with Hydro. The result? An aluminum trim strip.

The open structure of plastic flooring was an eyesore for SKILD Engineer Ulvrin. "It doesn't feel finished and doesn't look pretty. We had to be able to change that!" SKILD stands for quality and wants to deliver not only the best, but also the most beautiful solution. So this challenge was seized with both hands. SKILD's specialists went looking for a solution to seal the sides of the floor. That solution was found in cooperation with Hydro in the form of an aluminum strip. 

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A perfect partner for SKILD

Hydro is committed to a sustainable future. Our goal is to create a more viable society by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways. These attributes made Hydro the perfect partner for SKILD. Indeed, the team at SKILD is constantly designing solutions and products that are innovative as well as efficient and widely applicable. Martin Bruins Slot, key account manager at Hydro, tells us more about the cooperation with SKILD and its results.


Martin has worked in aluminum for over 30 years. He has an engineering background and has worked as an account manager for 12 years. From that role, he often works with customers in the development of new products. "We look together with our customers at the possibilities of aluminum profiles, how best to apply and produce them." Given that aluminum is a fairly young material compared to steel, for example, a strong advisory role is a requirement in the collaboration.

From 'simple' mission to full-fledged partnership

"When Ulvrin knocked on our door asking if we could help design and produce an aluminum strip for vehicles, we were immediately interested. This is not something we have done before." SKILD was referred internally to HYDRO. The direct contact is something that makes the cooperation special for both parties.  "We did everything together. From the initial ideas, to design and production. It's a full partnership" says Martin.

The idea

After the initial approach, the real process began. Ulvrin rolled up his sleeves and got to work. To bring his idea to life, he visited Hydro on site in Hoogezand to work with their engineering and technology department to flesh out the idea. Together they started sketching and drew rough outlines of what the product should eventually become.

The design

After sparring with Hydro, he attended the Profile Academy - A 2-day training course offered by Hydro to learn how to design with aluminum profiles. The resulting design is a strip that matches all types of floors (wooden and plastic). "The fact that Ulvrin took the time to visit our sites and we, in return, those of SKILD, that personal contact, that makes working together even more enjoyable" says Martin.

The result

The result of the collaboration: one product for 2 different types of floors. In case of the wooden floor, the strip even sinks completely into it, so you no longer need screws to secure it.  As for the strip, both parties agree, "It's a nice, symmetrical product that is easy to apply and looks sleek."

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