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With increased risk of flooding, measures must be taken

During the severe floods in the summer of 2021, lives were tragically lost, people were forced to evacuate, and infrastructure and areas of agriculture were severely damaged. The Walloon government reported a loss of 2.8 billion euros.

The probability of heavy rainfall, similar to last July, is 1.2 to 9 times greater because of climate change. This is concluded in a joint study of 39 researchers from various European climate institutes and universities. The scientists calculated that the intensity of such storms will increase by 3 to 19% as a result of climate change.

Protection is key

Protecting people, homes, industrial buildings and urban areas from floods is becoming increasingly important in the upcoming years. Outlined below are solutions by three different suppliers of systems that aid in blocking the water before it destroys its surroundings. Aluminium plays a vital role in the optimization of these systems.

Protecting your home

Protecting your home


Anthony Femont, Product manager at Aggeres:

“Our customers expect a long lifespan on our systems. They must be able to rely on them in case of floodings. The aluminum panels we use are 100% recyclable and thus sustainable”.

Protecting your company

Protecting your company


Eric Bourguignon, Founder & Managing Director of Hydroprotect:

“Corrosion resistance is key when it comes to flooding systems protecting buildings from water. One of the strengths of aluminium is its inherent corrosion resistance. We make use of anodized profiles to give them even an extra corrosion resistance boost.”

Protecting urban areas

Protecting urban areas


Romain Bausch, Managing Director at Murus Location S.a.:

“Our end customers must be able to assemble our flooding systems easily in case of high water. The aluminium extrusions we use are light weight and easy to use.”

Solid solutions

As illustrated in the examples above, suitable solutions are available for various instances in which floods must be battled to protect people and property. Solutions whose suppliers go to great lengths to adapt to your specific circumstances. Unfortunately, we live in times where the weather is becoming more tempestuous and unpredictable, but what we can do is join forces in challenges to come.

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