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Solutions for chassis and components

Some 1.5 million motor vehicles are equipped with rear and front subframes made from rolled aluminium semis produced by Hydro.

large roll of aluminium

Aluminium solutions for chassis

In close collaboration with our customers, we are introducing cost-effective, lightweight solutions into the chassis of motorcars.

Aluminium sheet in chassis applications is mostly used to reduce the unsprung mass, which is particularly important for driving dynamics – and it makes painting superfluous. 

Typical alloys 



Hydro 5918-D 
Hydro 5454-D 

  • High dynamic strength with medium static strength 
  • Uncritical failure performance 
  • Weldability 
  • Temperature and corrosion resistance 
  • Front and rear subframes 
  • Axle links 
  • Wheels 

With our 5xxx alloys, we offer material suited to withstand even the most complex temperature loadings in the use phase near heat sources like engine, exhaust system or brakes. They optimally combine strength, corrosion resistance and cost-effectiveness.

Aluminium solutions for components

Seat rail systems, instrument boards or pillars – we are only at the beginning of many promising new developments for components in the car.

More than ever, new and economical applications are emerging from our commitment to working together with our customers. We are a reliable partner for the supply of premium rolled products to various components, which are becoming ever lighter and of higher quality, creating greater efficiency and safety in the car. 




EN AW-5182 
EN AW-5083 

High strength 
High ductility 

Seat structures 

EN AW-5182 
EN AW-5754 

Medium strength 
Outstanding forming properties 

Instrument panel beams 
Door systems 
Sunroof systems 
Seat pans 

EN AW-5454- 
EN AW-5754 

Leak tightness 
Crash behavior 
Corrosion resistance 
Surface finish 

Fuel tanks 
Compressed-air reservoirs 

EN AW-1050A 
EN AW-3005 

Thermal conductivity Infrared reflectivity 
Corrosion resistance 

Heat shields 


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