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In the mid-1950s, the aluminium company Årdal og Sunndal Verk (ÅSV) was a major supplier to the European market. With the addition of 1,400 GWh of renewable energy from Fortun, the Årdal plant could increase its aluminium production by 100,000 tonnes to an annual total of 170,000.

Hydro has three power stations at Fortun, and of these Skagen is the oldest. A power station was subsequently built at Fivlemyr and Herva. Together they produce about 1,600 GWh of electricity annually.

Increased production

Ola Sæter, head Hydro’s business area Energy, says he would like to increase power production in this area even more.

“We’re looking at the possibility of building two new power stations – one at Øyane and one at Illvatn. These are good projects that we want to proceed with,” Sæter says.

The project plans, which have been sent to the Norwegian authorities for consideration, would produce about 220 GWh of electricity.

Electricity to the community

The expansion 50 years ago was also an important boost for the nearby communities.

The residents of Luster, for example, received electricity for the first time as a result – greatly improving their standard of living.

In addition, 1,000 workers helped make the power project a reality.

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