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Our approach

In Hydro, we have always been in business for a reason.

Green leaf
Hydro is working to protect biodiversity and increase reforestation where we operate.

When founded in 1905, Hydro’s objective was to resolve one of the world’s biggest challenges at the time – to feed a starving Europe and end world hunger. Our purpose is still to create a more viable society. As the world is different today, the way for us as a company to fulfill this purpose has radically changed, too.

Right now, we are again at a defining moment in history, facing fundamental challenges such as the climate crisis, inequality and loss of biodiversity.

The green transition

The world has set a common ambition to strive for fairness and prosperity with a society where all basic needs are met, and nature is protected and restored. We all play an important part in creating such a world in which more than 9 billion people live well by 2050.

Industry, the financial markets and customers need to be the main drivers to combat climate change and implement the green transition. At the same time, in order for us to reach the climate targets in the Paris agreement, we also need help from, and must work together with, regulators and governments to enable this transition.

Business plays an important role, as we can contribute to a just transition and protect nature by developing new technologies and solutions.

For Hydro as an industrial company, we know we are part of the problem. But that also makes us part of the solution.

Hydro has set an ambition of net zero by 2050 and we have concrete actions and plans today for how to work to meet this goal.



We are further developing business models that avoid impact to people and to the environment. We work to ensure decent work centered on inclusion, dialogue and respect. We plan to cut our emissions towards net zero, strengthen our position in low-carbon aluminum, and diversify and grow in new energy

To contribute to solve our common global challenges, we need to produce and consume in new ways. Our ambition is to contribute to creating a fair society and circular economy. We will do this by producing responsibly, offering zero-carbon aluminium, circular solutions and more renewable energy.

In this way, we are creating industries that matter for years to come.

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Natural fresh waterfall as source for hydropower

Our environmental management targets key industry challenges, including climate change, biodiverisity, waste and emissions to air.

Information meeting with out neighbours in local society in Brazil

Our approach the social dimension of sustainability includes a wide range of stakeholders. These include employees, local communities, and suppliers. We have different initiatives, policies and strategies in place to manage our social impact in a targeted way.


Our governance system enables us to operate efficiently while maintaining the necessary oversight at executive and board levels. The corporate system we use complies with formal regulations and generally accepted best practices.