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Learning Lab

In Kuppam in India, we have supported the local public schools to provide quality education through learning labs at local government schools. The labs aim to improve the children’s English, math, and general problem-solving skills.

iPad project in India

Kuppam is an underdeveloped small town in India, where Hydro has an extrusion plant. In India, being proficient in English is fundamental to be admitted to higher education. Learning English is therefore in some cases the only way out of rural living and can offer new opportunities to the students.

In 2017, we worked with some of our Nordic unions to fund a pilot project, the Leap Learning Lab to address these challenges. The pilot project introduced tablets with preinstalled lessons for use in one of the local government schools, DK Pali.

The lessons are developed by Leap Learning, a Norwegian start-up with a unique concept that provides an optimized learning experience for the students, combining technology and hands-on games. The tablets are equipped with aluminum cases for durability and grip to help the students better interact with the them.

Following a successful pilot project, a second Leap Learning Lab was introduced in 2018 at the Animiganipalli government school situated in a village just opposite to our Hydro Extrusion Plant in Kuppam. For the second pilot, we also helped fund the building of the classroom for the lab together with the unions.