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More powertrain components are being built with aluminium extrusions. The right alloy gives you get the best combination of extrudability, machinability and mechanical properties.

Cutaway of car powertrain

Lower weight and higher efficiency with aluminium

Using aluminium in the powertrain and engine system can improve efficiency, reduce weight and lower the cost of production. Fuel systems, liquid lines and radiators are examples where extruded aluminium is used.

Our engine parts offer superior machinability and mechanical properties.

Material science and strength 

Most metals struggle to come back to their original shape after having been bent or dented. But aluminium can absorb much more energy elastically, per unit weight, than steel of the same strength. It tends to spring back to its original shape.

Designed for recycling

We help design and manufacture these components to raise the performance and efficiency of the vehicle's powertrain. They are durable and designed for recycling in the end-of-life phase. Our offer includes:

  • Radiators
  • Fuel lines
  • Power steering lines
  • Connector tubes
  • SC-13® Busbars