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Collection Kama par EGO-Paris

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Design outdoor furniture with EGO Paris

EGO Paris specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end outdoor furniture for individuals, hotels, restaurateurs and architects worldwide. It was their knowledge of aluminium and its qualities that guided them to the final product.

guillaume lamy
By Guillaume Lamy, Hydro Extrusions,

French design and art of living

When the brand was created, EGO Paris realized that outside, unlike inside, the living spaces were less rigid.

Their ranges are designed by recognized designers, with the real strength of not following any fashion. Their ambition was therefore to put modularity at the heart of the design, along with conviviality and the French art of living, two heritage values stemming from their Beaujolais region.

The Kama collection is the perfect example. It is a collection that revolves around a modular sofa capable by its set of cushions to transform throughout the day into a daybed, conversation and even sunbathing.

Beyond design, French manufacturing is obvious for the brand, hence their international recognition. Customers can both personalize their products thanks to the different finishes offered and benefit from manual know-how, worthy of the best craftsmen.



For EGO Paris, “aluminum is the noble material in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, it is light, resistant and recyclable.” says Nicolas Sommereux, Chief Executive Officer. From the design stage, they take into account the quality of their products and their repairability because keeping their ranges over time remains a priority.

EGO Paris and Hydro have common goals: to build a more sustainable future. EGO Paris remains on the lookout and looks for all innovations that can reduce their environmental impact. We have solutions to provide them thanks to the ranges of low carbon extrusion billets : Hydro REDUXA and Hydro CIRCAL . “In fact, low carbon aluminium could be an avenue to study for our future productions”, specifies Nicolas Sommereux. .


One of the major advantages of aluminium extrusion is that the process offers endless application possibilities. It is this aesthetic aspect that led EGO Paris to use a specific profile for their KAMA sofas allowing them to keep the cushions in place while moving them easily.

In addition to the malleability of aluminium profiles, EGO Paris was invited to a training course at Hydro to visit the production site and learn how to design and draw profiles. “We develop these profiles in collaboration with Hydro, relying on their expertise and their design office. The profiles we use are drawn to Albi, the location of the plant and its responsiveness have guided this choice, ”adds Nicolas Sommereux.

The most important objective for EGO Paris is that design must serve function and be timeless, and with this development, they have achieved it!

About EGO ParisEGO-Paris-_logo
EGO Paris was created in 2004 by the Sommereux brothers, with the common desire to experience an adventure that is both human and entrepreneurial. It is the knowledge of aluminum and the know-how acquired during their previous professional experiences that led them to make outdoor furniture.

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