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High-performing vehicle thermal management

Downsizing, turbocharging and vehicle electrification are putting the heat on thermal management systems in cars. We can deliver the right aluminium system for you.

Car Air Conditioner

Automotive heating and cooling

Virtually all the measures taken by car manufacturers to meet emission legislations are putting pressure on keeping things cool.

This translates into more parts that require more consistent and efficient thermal management. We deliver aluminium tubes, manifolds and strip and sheet that can help you make cars that operate at the optimum temperature, no matter what conditions.

Academic partners 

We work with major academic institutions around the world. Our partners include the Univeristy of Oxford, the Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Michigan Technological University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

Aluminium in every modern car’s heat exchanger

You can find our extruded round tubes, multi-port extrusions and welded aluminium tubes in every heat exchanger present in the modern car, such as:

  • Condensers and evaporators
  • Radiators
  • Battery coolers
  • Charge air coolers
  • Connector lines
  • Fuel coolers
  • Oil coolers
  • Intercoolers
  • Heat pump systems