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“We are pleased to bring Hydro CIRCAL into the beverage can industry and start this strategic partnership with the HELL ENERGY Group. With Hydro CIRCAL, we enable them to offer beverage can users the opportunity to enjoy their drink with a historically low CO2 footprint,” says Boris Kurth, Head of Hydro’s Can business. 

The Hydro CIRCAL 75R aluminium for HELL will come from Hydro’s state-of-art recycling line in Neuss for used beverage cans and then cast, rolled and finished to can stock at the rolled products facilities nearby. 

Hydro is the first aluminium producer supplying prime-quality end-of-life recycled aluminium with a certified content of 75% or more recycled post-consumer scrap.  Demand for Hydro CIRCAL is on the rise, with new industries looking for material and solutions that can help meet their sustainability targets. 

The HELL ENERGY Group is producing energy and soft drinks, as well as milk-based ice-coffees. Its flagship brand HELL ENERGY is available in more than 50 countries. Vertically integrated, HELL has been running their own aluminium beverage can production, QUALITY PACK in Hungary, since 2017. This plant makes 4.5 million 250-milliliter aluminium cans daily. 

Recycling of aluminium cans
Pressed to cubes, the used cans first get shredded.

“We are excited and proud to be the first energy and soft drink manufacturer to launch the most sustainable beverage packaging with a certified content of minimum 75% recycled aluminium, We aspire to lead the market and be the global benchmark by providing sustainable packaging for our consumers,” says Barnabas Csereklye, Managing Director of HELL ENERGY and CEO of QUALITY PACK.

Hydro CIRCAL has become a key part of Hydro’s product portfolio, with increased demand from customers and various industries.

Hydro CIRCAL has already established a strong presence in the building and construction sector and will continue to focus on expanding product reach. With Hydro CIRCAL, Hydro provides aluminium with a carbon footprint that fits well with the most demanding sustainability requirements.

Hydro Low-Carbon Aluminium Hydro REDUXA Hydro CIRCAL

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