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Hydro will not enter into new contracts with Russian counterparts

Hydro has decided not to enter into new contracts linked to Russian producers until further notice. This is due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union and the international community.

Hydro is also evaluating options for existing commitments, including a potential freeze of commercial relationships with Russian counterparts.  

Hydro does not have business-critical supplies from Russia or Ukraine. Hydro has commercial relationships with trading companies and Russian aluminium producers, buying and selling raw material like bauxite and alumina, aluminium metal for remelting and aluminium extrusion billets. Hydro’s counterparts are currently not subject to international sanctions. 


Line Haugetraa

Line Haugetraa

Head of Investor Relations

halvor molland

Halvor Molland

Senior vice president, Group Communication

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