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Quiet, quieter, ALU – a few words about modern acoustic systems

Several months ago, we faced a completely new reality. None of us had any idea how a global pandemic would change our habits and behaviour and redefine our sense of comfort. In addition to health issues, we appreciate privacy, peace, and quiet even more than before. After all, we had performed our professional duties at home until recently and now we have to learn how to manage in completely redesigned office spaces. How to combine two, seemingly different, worlds? We can use modern acoustic systems which take the quality of our work to a completely new level, unknown until now. What is the role of high quality aluminium in the systems?

Divide ET... IMPERA

Post-pandemic redesign of office space is based on three fundamental principles: maximum safety of employees, modularity to provide intelligent space management, and privacy to ensure increased productivity and efficiency. The well-known open spaces, rows of desks under the wall and vast common areas has gone out of date, superseded by cleverly separated office areas designed for teamwork and individual activities. To make it happen, it was necessary to explore the essence of comfort and answer one important question: how to use the space effectively and efficiently to ensure that silence and peace is your best friend in everyday office life? The answer turned out to be quite simple.

a room with a blue wall and chairs

The know-how of Hydro Extrusion Poland, along with their aluminium, proved useful here. It is an extremely ductile material that guarantees almost unlimited possibilities of shaping. Environmentally friendly, durable, and able to withstand mechanical and surface treatment, it is more and more often chosen by designers to create unique solutions and projects, especially those that combine aesthetics and functionality, says Robert Matkowski, Regional Sales Manager at Hydro Extrusion Poland. Lightness combined with durability is what gives it an advantage over other options available on the market – adding Robert Matkowski.

Modernity in the service of comfort

When adapting an office to the new hygienic and functional requirements, we should bear in mind that it is not feasible to completely abandon teamwork, for both business and emotional reasons. Contact with co-workers is what we really needed during the lockdown. But still, we can easily create perfect conditions in our office, even if it seems difficult to redesign at first glance. Just choose modern acoustic solutions that regulate the acoustic environment of your workplace and at the same time serve as a decoration and showcase of your company – Thomas Lorenzen, Sales Manager EU at Kvadrat Soft Cells.

  a white cabinet with a glass door

Timeless and aesthetic acoustic solutions for any space

What do conference rooms, executive offices, and silent boxes have in common? They all require perfect acoustic treatment because we want to adapt them to important meetings eld in them and show respect for other co-workers. It is estimated that constant exposure to noise or chatter can reduce the accuracy of tasks by over 60% and productivity by up to 30%, as reported in the study “Improving employee productivity by reducing noise,” British Gypsum, Coventry, 2015.

Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics  that provides full acoustic comfort (sound absorption up to class  and guarantees excellent aesthetic experience, says Piotr Chwesiuk, brand expert at Kvadrat Acoustics. Designed with ecology and sustainability in mind, they are a strong point in the environmental certification of buildings: DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, and HQE, in particular. Available in a wide range of designs and fully customisable, they are the perfect complement to any space, regardless of the complexity of the project or its purpose. But that is not all. Given all these features, we did not hesitate to choose Hydro solutions. They perfectly reflect our approach, adds Piotr Chwesiuk.

a hallway with red walls

Speaking of aluminium...

Hydro REDUXA and Kvadrat Acoustics – a duo to match up to the 21st century

When we thought about working with Kvadrat Acoustics, we had no doubt that Hydro REDUXA alloy would be the perfect complement to their focus on sustainability approach, says Robert Matkowski, Hydro Extrusion Poland.

Hydro REDUXA alloy is certified low-carbon aluminium with a maximum carbon footprint of 4.0 kg CO2 per kg aluminium, making it the least carbon-intensive raw material available on the market today. With a European average of 8.7 for the raw materials industry and consumption, and a global average of 18, it performs as much as 2 and 4.5 times better. This impressive result has been made possible by a fully controlled production process. In the production of Hydro REDUXA alloy, bauxite and alumina are sourced from the same source and processed in selected high-capacity, hydro-powered smelters, emphasises Robert Matkowski, Hydro Extrusion Poland.

Walls and ceilings fitted with acoustic panels, soundproof dividers at desks, partition systems, and even built-in furniture are priceless in the reality of pandemic. Not only do they help to divide space ergonomically and effectively, but also, thanks to modern design, they serve as a showcase of the company. You will see and... hear the difference very quickly!

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