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Since 10 years L’Inglesina Baby Spa is choosing Hydro’s aluminium

It’s a choice oriented to the continuous improvement of modular systems, System Quattro, produced by L’Inglesina, a company symbol of Made in Italy worldwide and specialized in the production of baby products.

Quattro is the system that allows walk-home-car mobility in the continuity of healthy rest and safe sleep of the child. Because babies, especially in the first months of their life, need to sleep a lot and they won’t do it only during the night. L'Inglesina, on its System Quattro, had introduced a very spacious and comfortable baby cot: the generous internal dimensions allow the baby to sleep comfortably, ensuring maximum muscle relaxation for a longer time than a normal stroller.
All big baby cot L’Inglesina are equipped with Welcome Pad®, the exclusive support for baby cot designed in collaboration with the Neonatology department of the Ospedale Maggiore of Bologna and realized in compliance with the most recent scientific guidelines in terms of well-being and safety.

Welcome Pad®, combined with the baby mattress, conveys the feeling of envelopment and protection that the baby needs and, at the same time, ensure a proper posture and perfect breathability, transforming the L’Inglesina baby cot into the ideal place for the newborn when his mum doesn’t hold him in her arms.
The continuous improvement of the product and aesthetic-functional innovation and research have always distinguished the company and have pushed it constantly in searching solutions and technologically advanced partners. Developing constantly products with high technological value and at the same time sophisticated design, L’Inglesina chose to use extrusion tubes because they guarantee greater freedom of shape together with the possibilities of a wider range of surface finishes.
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A choice oriented towards lightness: typical of extruded aluminium profiles

Continuous innovation of the product had led the company towards the years to choose Hydro’s aluminum and to obtain two principal advantages: lightness and specific surface treatments.

The extrusion of the tube allows greater freedom of shape, simultaneously managing the distribution of the thickness to contain the weight of the finished product. It’s also available a wide range of surface treatments and finishes that allows greater freedom of expression to the designers involved in the design.

Hydro Extrusion Italy supports and guides L’Inglesina in different phases

A ten-year-long collaboration guides in the choice of materials/alloys, in the definition of tolerances, and the realization of special processing on custom-made components. Hydro Extrusion Italy has also developed various training and contamination activities, through courses, company visits, and networking meetings, to exchange ideas and generate new creative outputs, much appreciated by the company.

A continuous research-oriented to sustainability

Who chooses L’Inglesina is a modern consumer, careful and aware, oriented to prefer forward-looking brands that are empathic, inspirational, and responsible, and that helps him to provide the most extraordinary wellness experience for his child. Sustainability is surely a value that must be seen and pursued with a view to the well-being of the baby. For this reason, the commitment is to work in researching natural materials to be combined with solutions that can become the symbol of the way of conceiving baby wellness.

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