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Supplier Portal Extruded Solutions Sweden

We aim to build strong relationships with our suppliers to enable Hydro's extrusion business to continuously meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, in order to create strong competitiveness in the market. 


Developing effective supplier/customer relationships as well as cooperation and technical integrations is important to us. We will identify, choose and actively develop suppliers who consistently deliver products and services with high delivery precision, quality and at the lowest total cost throughout the supply chain.

Hydro Extrusion Supplier Manual

The Hydro Extrusion Supplier Manual informs existing and potential suppliers of the requirements and expectations we have. We will together work on a process that creates conditions for continuous improvement, and measure and monitor the results and reward those suppliers who meet or exceed our expectations.

Log in to Supplier Manual
You will be assigned your login details by your purchasing contact at Hydro Extrusion Sweden AB.

Our business is designed to create added value for our customers and promote a sustainable development. All suppliers must confirm that you are aware of and comply in all material respects all provisions of the REACH, RoHS and any laws, directives and/or regulations relating to conflict minerals.

Supplier Compliance Acknowledgement Template - REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals.docx

SSG - Standard Solutions Group

Hydro Extrusion Sweden AB is using an industry-wide standard solution called SSG Entre to improve and streamline the safety training of contractors. All employees of contractor companies who perform work in our facilities must undergo the web-based security training before coming to Hydro Extrusion Sweden AB to work. When the course is approved the employee gets an admission pass with access to Hydro Extrusion Sweden AB. Information and documents will be available at