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Eddie Wingren, Hans Fredriksson and Daniel Hallgren posing in front of Designtak's office.
Eddie Wingren, Hans Fredriksson and Daniel Hallgren

This year's growth company continues to choose aluminum from Hydro

By Martina Bolanderson, Communications
October 27, 2020

Eddie Wingren and Daniel Hallgren, the founders of Designtak in Småland, had an idea that it is more efficient to build entrance roofs in a factory instead of out on site, and they were right.

This year, Designtak received the award for growth company of the year in Vetlanda and they continue to choose aluminum from Hydro for their prefabricated entrance roofs.

As the main material in the entrance roofs, Designtak uses aluminum as it is a light, strong and flexible material. Previously, aluminum profiles were purchased in a standard version from warehouses, which in turn are clad with sheet metal, lamps, etc. to form the finished entrance roof. This was before Hans Fredriksson, Account Manager at Hydro Extruded Solutions in Vetlanda, contacted the company as early as 2016 for a collaboration.

The collaboration has been going on for four years and began with Hydro helping Designtak to develop two profiles, one of which functions as a wall profile that is screwed to the facade and a hook profile that hooks into the ceiling of the wall profile.

-It's always fun to work with good suppliers. We have a good collaboration with Hydro who is with us in our development already from idea to a finished solution. The knowledge that Hydro possesses about aluminum together with our ideas is usually a good result, says Daniel Hallgren at Designtak.

Just before the award, a corner profile was developed where Designtak comes up with the need and considerations and we at Hydro support with product development, calculations and production. It is really fun and stimulating with local companies that want to develop products in aluminum, concludes Hans Fredriksson.

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