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Albin Pettersson in the tennishall

Meet Albin: From production manager to account manager

With my education and 10 years in the press, it is natural when I talk to customers to look at a profile and understand how it should be used and what the customer needs.

Albin Pettersson began his career in Finspång just over 16 years ago when he got a job at Sapa Profiler AB, as a newly trained mechanical engineer. Albin had previously worked for SAAB where he got the chance to build, what he calls, the world's best car. His career then continued at Sapa where he started as a planner and in 2008 he became production manager for press P5 and P6. A few years later, Albin got the chance to work as an account manager at Hydro and took it right away, which he does not regret for a second.

- With the background I have with the mechanical engineering education, I understand how it should be used and what the requirements are but also what can be done and what can be challenging in production. So I'm very happy about that.

Albin works as an account manager for the northern region and handles the business from Finspång and further north. For Albin, it is a large area to cover with many customers with many different needs. When Albin started within sales just over a year and a half ago, he had no experience when it came to selling, but he had more knowledge than most when it came to the product he was going to sell.

- I knew nothing about sales when I started, but was interested in getting closer to sales. But if I know the product, it's easier to start with sales than if I know neither sales nor product.

Hydro has appeared gradually in Albin's life. He grew up between Vetlanda and Finspång and already during Albin's training as a mechanical engineer, Sapa visited the school and told about extruding. Something that they thought the future engineers would have knowledge of in the future. As it would turn out, the moving load later went to Finspång and for a job at Sapa. Albin has been with the company for a long time and feels that he has always been given confidence and opportunities to develop.

- I was only 23 when I came in. Then I started planning and after 2 years I got personnel responsibility. Then I was asked if I wanted to take the role of press manager for P6. I had not even seen that chance. I did not think I was experienced or old enough for that. But it went well and was great fun.

Albin is a talkative and social person who likes to meet new people and as a salesman he sees customer meetings as a fun part of his everyday life and that the product he sells, aluminum, is an interesting product in itself.

- It is an interesting product. You always sell the customer's product. The customer is always convinced that it is a good thing and then you can always develop the little things. It is also a product that is up to date with its low environmental footprint and its excellent recyclability. It works in all industries, we see aluminum profiles everywhere. The social has never been a problem, then you are the winner and always want to sell.

The winner instinct can be linked to Albin's background in sports, whether it is tennis, floorball or hockey. Nowadays, tennis is the big hobby, a sport he has played for a long time and nothing he plans to quit.

- Tennis is the best sport in the world in my eyes. I played as a youngster and tennis is something I always come back to. So there is not much risk that I will charge any booking schedules for the paddle at least.

Albins 3 fast advantages with aluminum

- The fact that aluminum is an extrudable metal, not all metals are. So you can get many features at no extra cost.
- The environmental aspect, that it is so easy to recycle. Fully capable no matter how many times you recycle aluminum.
- The weight in relation to its strength.

Have a chat with Albin:

Albin Pettersson
Account Manager Sweden North
073-049 36 95

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