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Meet Henrik: A Strong Leader in Team Building

“I want to lead through others and build a team that wins and celebrates success together. Teamwork is central to me. ”

He has a strong bond with Hydro and Småland. It is also a person who is characterized by a strong winning mentality and team affiliation in his everyday life. The man in question also has a strong interest in sports, technology and hunting. Maybe it's a coincidence, or Henrik Stark, Sales Director at Hydro Extrusions Sweden, has a name that commits.

Henrik Stark has been at Hydro for eighteen years and has come a long way from being a trainee in processing to working as a sales technician and key account manager. At the bottom there is a genuine interest in technology and a master's degree in engineering. Nowadays, he is responsible for linking sales in the Swedish market in his capacity as Sales Director. Something he prefers to do in close collaboration with colleagues and customers. Despite the fact that he has been in the same workplace for almost two decades and that by now he knows most about aluminum, he is still just as fascinated by all the uses of the material.

- Hydro is a fantastic company and aluminum is a fantastic material. I'm still as inspired as when I started. As long as the driving force remains to make a difference and learn new things, you can also develop at work. My driving force is in meeting people and the endless possibilities with aluminum, says Henrik.

From bandy to processing

Vetlanda is not only synonymous with aluminum, there is also a strong bandy tradition here. In connection with Henrik moving home after completing his studies to play bandy at an elite level for the city's pride, Vetlanda BK, he contacted the town's largest employer. The then Sapa was not a new acquaintance for Henrik, as he had worked in production for several years during the summer. It was a short bandy career, but a long professional career in business. Henrik's interest in technology and education in combination with his winning skull made him stick to both the company and aluminum as a material. The bandy arena in Vetlanda is aptly named Hydro Arena. A perfect combination for Henrik in other words. Even though his sports career has been closed for a long time, he has brought with him the most important thing from sports to business - teamwork.

When Henrik is not working in sales, he spends most of his time on the family farm. There, wife and three children share horses, dogs and other animals. To find a calm balance in life, Henrik prefers to fill the remaining time with hunting and golf. Two things that are extra close to his heart.

Henrik's 3 quick advantages of aluminum

- You can build a lot of different functions in an aluminum profile
- Aluminum is a circular material that retains its properties when recycled
- The possibilities are unlimited and aluminum can be used in all conceivable industries

Have a chat with Henrik
Henrik Stark
Sales Director Sweden
070-258 19 93

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