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Meet Lena: The energy and enthusiasm is in the people

“Working with people and achieving things as a group is the best thing there is. Together we become stronger and better. ”

She is a person who always raises her hand and wants to help. Her genuine interest in people shines through in everything she does. Where there is an opportunity for Lena Karlsson to contribute her knowledge and experience, you can also count on Lena going in with all her energy and commitment, regardless of whether it is paid or non-profit work.

Lena Karlsson is relatively new to the job as sales manager for Hydro Extrusion's inside sales staff, but she has been involved in the sales profession for a long time in various roles and in a number of different industries. She has worked with, for example, metal roofs, packaging and electricity trading. There are seemingly widely differing things, but there has always been a common denominator and driving force for Lena, both on the professional and private level. Lena is driven by working close to people and achieving set goals together. Sometimes it is a straight path ahead, other times a narrow path, but the goal must always be clear. The commitment and determination can certainly not be missed. The team spirit and the people in the team are central to Lena.

- Hydro as a company is not completely unknown to me. However, aluminum profiles are something new and exciting. I like challenges and always see opportunities. In my previous role as purchasing manager, I came in contact with Hydro and for me it is an exciting company that works very professionally. It feels really fun to be part of such a committed team and I learn new things every day, says Lena.

A non-profit fire soul

The great interest in people is not limited to Lena's work. She likes to network in different contexts and has for many years been non-profit involved in the local association life in and around Vetlanda in everything from football and bandy to ice hockey and speedway. To a certain extent, this is because her two sons have been and are active in sports, but also because she likes to contribute with her commitment to associations that do not have such great financial opportunities. In her spare time, she is now active in a foundation that supports various initiatives and initiatives in sports, culture, homeland and education.

In addition to her interest in association life, she likes exercise and movement. She also likes to test her own limits to know what she can do. It manifests itself in different ways, from getting up for Kebnekaise, trying to go on glowing coal to taking motorcycle card. Family and friends are very important to Lena. She gets her energy from the water, as she lives near a lake and has a cottage by the sea.

Lena's 3 quick advantages of aluminum

- Durability is the most important thing as aluminum can be recycled over and over again
- Aluminum is a stylish material that enables many aesthetically pleasing solutions
- It is light and strong, which means that it is also easy to work with and reliable

Have a chat with Lena
Lena Karlsson
Sales Manager Inside Sales
076-135 43 74

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