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Niklas Stavstedt

Meet Niklas: "In the end, business is done between people."

November 24, 2020

For Niklas, the word does not exist properly.

When talking to Niklas Stavstedt, it's easy to get caught up in the word nerd. It is also a word he himself uses to describe himself; tech nerd, sports nerd, cooking nerd and travel nerd. In the modern sense of the word, it is a person who likes to delve into his interests and try new ways forward, but who also has a strong desire to constantly get better at what he does. Features that fit perfectly in the role of Account Manager at Hydro Extrusion. His professional background in, for example, power supply for hospitals and industries as well as a position in chemical handling has more or less forced Niklas to be technically trained. Something he likes and is also challenged by in his professional life.

- In this job, it is a clear advantage to be technically interested. There is always something new to learn about aluminum, which makes it a cool material to work with, says Niklas.

Although he calls himself a technology nerd, he is in fact a technology generalist, because he has no ambition to become a technical expert like Hydro's designers and engineers. That's not the point either. Niklas is interested in technology, but is driven by something completely different in everyday life.

- The social interaction, the cooperation in the team and finding smart solutions together with customers is the most fun with this job. You have to be a bit of a social chameleon to succeed. In the end, business is done between people. You have to know your stuff, but the most important thing is to be responsive and solution-oriented, no matter who you meet at work. I am a happy, social and fearless person who gets a kick out of winning and solving problems.

Himself is the best farmhand, carpenter and cook

The winning instinct brings Niklas with him from football and floorball; two sports that he has practiced at a relatively high level. Nowadays, the sports career is on the shelf, but the interest in sports in various forms is still burning strong. His winning not only makes him happy to expose himself to new challenges at work, he also tackles difficult things in his spare time. Complete renovation of houses is an example. Advanced cooking is another.

- We have basically blown out the whole house at home and I have tried to do as much as possible on my own. I stay away from electricity and plumbing, but otherwise it is interesting to test their knowledge. There is a lot of pride in it too, to be able to do something yourself. It is also reflected in my cooking. I see myself as a real food junkie who likes to invite friends and family to dinner. Everything that takes time in the kitchen is extra fun, Niklas concludes.

Niklas 3 fast advantages with aluminum

- You can build a lot of smartness into profiles without having to further refine the product.
- It is a green and durable material that can be melted down and reused indefinitely.
- Aluminum is a multifaceted material that is neat and functional at the same time.

Have a chat with Niklas
Niklas Stavstedt
Account Manager Sverige Nord
072-215 10 85

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