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Meet Peter: Unpretentious with 30 years of experience

"We do not follow developments but we drive them forward"

Sales Manager Peter Ståhl has been in the aluminum industry for over 30 years now, where he began his career at Sapa Profiler as a trainee. If you ask Peter why he has been at the company for so long, you get a straight and short answer that Hydro is an interesting and exciting company and that is why he remains. The combination of the material aluminum and the company's willingness to develop is an important factor.

- It is almost more interesting now than before. A lot has changed during the time I have been here. Aluminum is an interesting material and new areas of use for aluminum are constantly emerging. At the same time, we work in all industries and have customers of all sizes, which is great fun. Then we are number 1 in the market, we do not follow the development but we drive it forward. Being in such a company is always fun.

In his role as sales manager, he says that he is relatively unpretentious and that he wants to share the experience he has, help his colleagues and support them so that they have the best conditions to be able to perform.

- I have been here for a long time so I try to share as much as I can. I'm just trying to be a good team leader and coach. It's all teamwork. Then it is incredibly fun to do business and visit customers, customer service is number 1.

Outside of work, Peter tries to maintain an active lifestyle. For him, many outdoor activities apply, regardless of the season. In the winter it can be skiing, both downhill and long distance, and in warmer weather a lot of time is spent in the holiday home where the boat has a special place.

- I try to spend some time outdoors. In the summer I am part of the holiday home and relax. Playing golf, running, boating or mountain biking, I try to keep an active leisure time overall. With the boat, it is enough to go 10 meters outside the pier to have a good time, it is good therapy!

Peter's 3 quick about aluminum

- The formability, it is easy to design. It is only the imagination that sets the limits.
- Recyclability
- The weight, it can not be denied that it is easy.

Have a chat with Peter:

Peter Ståhl
Sales Manager South
070-314 02 67

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