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Hydro HM-white anodizing

Hydro HM-white provides a UV-resistant surface with a uniform layer thickness.

Glamox C95 lamp anodized in HM-white
Glamox C95 lamp anodized in HM-white
Hydro HM-white is only available in white and can be seen as a complement to color anodizing as this can not be done in white. Hydro HM-white is characterized by a high surface finish and even and fine gloss. The coloring is done according to the Honnystone method and is a combination of anodizing and varnishing. The paint layer, which is not much thicker than with anodizing, is integrated in the surface, which means very good adhesion and coverage on all sides.

The layer thickness is evenly distributed over the surface, even over sharp corners. The tight dimensional tolerance means that HM-white is especially suitable for details that are to be mounted after the surface treatment, for example with a snap function or hinges. The UV-resistant surface with the very good corrosion and gloss resistance means that HM-white is also suitable for harsh outdoor environments.

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