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Aura Light reduces its climate footprint with low carbon aluminum from Hydro

The Swedish lighting company Aura Light, with product development and manufacturing in Vimmerby, will this spring launch a new lighting fixture, Helags. The new series is constructed of Hydro REDUXA, low-carbon aluminum. Helags is thus made of aluminum from renewable energy sources such as hydropower and wind power.

Light fixture and extruded aluminium profile
Aura Light light fixture and extruded aluminium profile

Aura Light develops and manufactures light fixtures, light sources and products for light control. The products are used in, for example, industry, offices, healthcare, schools, and warehouses. The latest addition, Helags, is primarily a lighting fixture for industry, but it can also be used for several other applications in corridors and offices. Helags is a robust industrial lighting fixture equipped with high-quality components, intended to last for a long time, but it is not just the technology itself that makes it a durable product.

The light fixture housing consists of low-carbon aluminum in the form of Hydro REDUXA. This means that the aluminum in Helags is produced with the help of renewable energy from water, wind and solar. Aura Light thus reduces its climate footprint and at the same time helps its customers to make more conscious choices. Helags is a product that lasts over time, in a double sense.

"The choice of materials and components is central to our product development process. Choosing materials with the least possible climate impact has become increasingly important to us and we are also happy to work with local partners. Helags is one of many good examples of this. Aluminum itself is a good material for the environment, but by introducing Hydro REDUXA in our light fixtures, we take it one step further", says Rasmus Andersson, Product Manager at Aura Light.

A bright and more sustainable existence

The use of hydropower, wind and solar power means that Hydro can drastically reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide per kg of aluminum produced. Hydro REDUXA has a maximum CO2e of 4.0 kg per kg of aluminum, which is as little as a quarter of the global average. In other words, Hydro REDUXA is a material with one of the lowest emission levels in the world.

The material is produced at Hydro's facilities in Norway and is certified by DNV GL according to ISO 14064 and covers all carbon dioxide emissions, all the way from bauxite mining to casting. Aura Light already uses Hydro CIRCAL® in other light fixtures. Hydro CIRCAL® consists of recycled aluminum made with at least 75% recycled aluminum scrap.

"Responsible production of aluminum has never been more important. We take our responsibility by looking at our production from a larger perspective with environmental initiatives that extend throughout the entire life cycle of the aluminium profile. With our product segments, we have shown that we can get down to very low emission levels of carbon dioxide and it helps Aura Light to reduce its climate footprint while the end product becomes better and more attractive to their own customers", says Henrik Stark, Sales Director at Hydro Extrusions Sweden.

About Aura Light

Aura Light is a Swedish lighting company that offers sustainable lighting solutions to professional customers. The products are developed to reduce costs, energy consumption and environmental impact. The foundation for Aura Light was laid in 1930 under the name Lumalampan. The head office is located in Stockholm and production takes place in Vimmerby. The company is active in northern Europe and has about 200 employees.


Ulrika Kroon

Marketing Manager, Hydro Extrusions

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