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The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) aims to ensure that principles of sustainability and human rights are increasingly incorporated into the supply chain. ASI Performance Standard recognizes responsible production, purchasing and management of aluminum.

ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) requires the production of a traceability chain for CoC materials, including ASI Aluminum, which is produced and processed through the value chain to the downstream sectors. This means not only that the plants and their methods are certified, but that the physical metal they process is also certified, when obtained from ASI-certified sources.

The certifications include the extrusion and manufacturing operations at Hydro's facilities in Finspång and Vetlanda, as well as the remelting plant in Sjunnen, where the company is remelting aluminum into new products. The plant is currently in the middle of expanding its recycling capacity by almost 50%.

“We were the first company in Sweden to extrude aluminum profiles to obtain ASI certification and now we are the first to achieve the certification for Chain of Custody. This makes sense for customers, as more and more people demand sustainable materials such as aluminum from companies that do business in the right way, ”says CEO Jonas Bjuhr at Hydro Extrusions Sweden AB.

Hydro Extrusions Sweden AB manufactures and markets extruded aluminum profiles and offers various types of production services such as surface treatment and processing to transform the profiles into solutions that meet customers' specifications in the transport, automotive, general engineering industry and the construction industry.

Hydro employs approx. 1,000 people in the Swedish operations.

Sustainability in Sweden

"This is brilliant news and another step for our Swedish organization towards becoming the clear market leader in sustainable aluminum operations," says Paul Warton, Vice President of Hydro's Extrusions business area.

Hydro Extrusions is the largest business area within Hydro with 21,000 employees in 40 countries. It delivers tailor-made aluminum components and solutions to virtually all industries, from vehicles and transportation to building and construction, electronics, offshore and shipping.

The business area serves more than 30,000 customers worldwide.

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