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Recycled aluminum in low-carbon construction

“This is currently one of Hydro’s fastest growing segments,” says head of Hydro’s business area Extruded Solutions.

We are ramping up on greener aluminum
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Lighter, recyclable cars

In the quest of making lighter cars, aluminum is increasingly making in-roads. Not just lighter, but eminently recyclable.

Aluminum in the automotive industry
view of side of car from behind.

Hydro launches greener brands

New greener brands CIRCAL and REDUXA set a new standard for low-carbon and recycled aluminum.

Hydro launches greener brands
CIRCAL and REDUXA greener brands

Aluminum poles for all your needs

Aluminum is the right choice when it comes to light poles. It is easy to customize the shape and light signature of aluminum poles to your overall plan for a specific area or urban building project.

Aluminum poles from Hydro
Design flexibility is one of the advantages of aluminium light poles

Design with aluminum

Let us show you how aluminum can be used in myriad ways – starting at the drawing board.

Education in aluminum
discussing plans

Hydro + Tom Dixon

We are collaborating with the designer on an aluminum chair designed for recycling.

When Experts Unite
chair in aluminium

Global reach — local presence

Hydro in the US

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About Hydro

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40 countries

35,000 employees

Hydro is a fully integrated aluminum company with 35,000 employees in 40 countries on all continents, combining local expertise, worldwide reach and unmatched capabilities in R&D.


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