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Everyday life

Aluminum is everywhere. As a lightweight, recyclable and highly versatile material, its areas of application are almost endless and it plays a big role in our everyday life. If you’re reading this text on a computer or a handheld device, you’re using aluminum right now.

Someone using an aluminum smartphone and laptop

Endless possibilities with aluminum

It’s impossible to list all the uses for aluminum in our everyday life. Buildings, boats, planes and cars, household appliances, packaging, computers, cellphones, containers for food and beverages – all of them benefit from aluminum’s superior properties when it comes to design, sustainability and lightweight strength. But one thing is certain: We will be in the driver’s seat when it comes to developing ever better production methods and innovative solutions.


Buildings represent 40 percent of the world’s energy demand, so there’s a great potential for saving energy. Using aluminum as a construction material, is an important means to make buildings that not merely saves energy, but actually produces energy.


Transport is another source of energy consumption, and planes, trains, boats and automobiles account for about 20 percent of the world’s energy demand. A key factor to a vehicle’s energy use is its weight. Compared to steel, aluminum reduces the weight by 40 percent, without compromising strength.


About 20 percent of man-made greenhouse gas emissions come from food production. Add to the picture that it is estimated that one-third of all food in Europe goes to waste, and it becomes clear that efficient food and beverage preservation, such as by using aluminum, plays an important role in creating a more viable world.

As you can see, aluminum, with its almost endless areas of use, truly is the material of the future.