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General Meeting of shareholders

Company shareholders exercise ultimate authority through the general meeting. Shareholders registered in VPS, the Norwegian Central Securities Depository, can vote in person or by proxy.

Invitations are sent to shareholders or to the shareholder's security deposit bank.

The general meeting of shareholders: 

  • Elects the shareholders' representatives to the corporate assembly
  • Elects the external auditor and determines the auditor's remuneration
  • Approves the report according to Norwegian requirements and financial statements, including the dividend proposed by the board of directors and recommended by the corporate assembly
  • Elects the nomination committee and determines their remuneration
  • Deals with any other matters listed in the notice convening the meeting
  • Determines the remuneration of the corporate assembly

Shareholders may, at least 28 days before an ordinary general meeting, request that proposals for resolutions are submitted to the general meeting, or that items are added to the agenda.

For more information about the general meeting including notices and minutes of meetings, please see General meeting under Information for shareholders.