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Hydro Monterrey

Our manufacturing plant in Monterrey is an aluminium tubing sites, delivering heat exchange solutions mainly to customers in the automotive and HVACR industries.

Precision tubing plant


Why aluminum in cars

  • Aluminum is light, strong and has excellent energy absorption properties
  • Choosing aluminum means lighter cars with lower fuel consumption and less emissions
  • Aluminum makes cars safer, enables design for disassembly and is 100 percent recyclable

State of the art tube solutions

Due to the physical properties of aluminum, the gains in performance and efficiency are as prevalent as the reduction in cost, size, and weight, compared to the traditional metal of choice, copper.


Ave. Tecnológico 1255 Lote 3

Parque Industrial Estrella

65550 Nuevo Leon Cienega de Flores


+ 011 52 ( 81) 81 54 64 40 Ext. 6807