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Fin and tube heat exchangers

With careful design, aluminum exceeds copper-based systems on most key performance indexes – and it is less expensive. Today, all-aluminum design has established itself as the reference.

heat exchanger

Choosing aluminum alloys

When incorporating aluminum in your product, you need to use the correct alloys for the different components. But choosing a combination of alloys that ensures the highest degree of corrosion performance is challenging. Our competence helps you get the best results possible.

Aluminum meets all design requirements

An all-aluminum fin and tube system can solve all design challenges, with direct cost benefits compared to the alternative with copper tubing:

  • No galvanic corrosion between fin and tube
  • No formicary corrosion, as aluminum is inherently immune to it
  • Can be used in ammonia systems, copper can not
  • Heat exchanger manufacturers save 20-25 percent on material costs
  • All-aluminum is always easy to recycle

Tube geometry and alloy combinations

You need to select the right alloy combinations, tube geometry and internal enhancements in order to tailor the performance and properties according to various environments and applications. We can assist you in this work.

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