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Choosing the right alloy

Pure aluminum is relatively soft. To overcome this, it can be alloyed with other metals. We have developed aluminum alloys that are tailored to cover most of the aluminum extrusion applications in the industry. They are available globally.

Infinite number of aluminum extrusions applications

The extrusion process, combined with proper selection of alloy and quenching, provides an infinite number of applications and product improvements. For instance, Alloy 6060 offers a corrosion-resistant extrusion with an excellent finish. Alloys can be improved by heat treatment after extrusion.

Contact us to learn more about how to use the right alloy in your product development

Here are descriptions of some of the aluminum alloys that we use in your product solutions:

1050 alloy 3003/3103 alloys 5083 alloy 6060 alloy 6061 alloy 6063 alloy 6082 alloy 7108 alloy

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