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Consistent, controlled grain structure is the core of ACC-U-LINE. In North America, we operate more presses with indirect extrusion press technology than any other soft alloy extruder. Indirect extrusion reduces the frictional heat generated during extrusion, resulting in rod, bar and hex products that have more consistent dimensions, mechanical properties and grain structure.

ACC-U-LINE® offers extraordinarily uniform grain structure in 6061 rod and bar for outstanding precision machining. Tolerances for size, flatness, straightness and twist are 1/2 or closer than standard extruded tolerances with improved surface appearance and enhanced results from anodizing. ACC-U-LINE® is also available in 6082, 6042 and 6262 free machining alloys.

ACC-U-LINE products are the right choice for applications in many markets because of their remarkable combination of properties and close tolerances. In addition to their attractive appearance and corrosion-resistant finish, they offer high performance properties and excellent machining characteristics.

With our in-house billet casting capabilities, we can also offer special chemistries that are more precise than, or customized from, Aluminum Association standards.  In conjunction with our in-house heat treating operation, we can produce products with special tempers to enhance formability and machinability.

AccuLine Rod & Bar Products

  • ACC-U-ROD®: 1/2 standard tolerance or better rod for screw machine applications.  Special chemistries for improved machining. Improved straightness.  
  • ACC-U-PLATE®: Tight thickness and width tolerances – all on the plus side of nominal and half that of standard rolled plate.
  • ACC-U-BAR®: Ultra tight tolerances with improved straightness, reduced twist over total length and transverse flatness, all to 1/2 Aluminum Association Standard Tolerances, and elevated minimum mechanical properties. 
  • ACC-U-HEX®: Tighter dimensional tolerances are 1/2 or better than standard extruded tolerances and exceed Aluminum Association Standard Tolerance and Precision Tolerance for extruded hex bar for all sizes.
  • Jumbo Rod: Up to 12.125" dia. close tolerance extruded aluminum rod, the largest domestic size range available

Rod and Bar Specifications

  • ACC-U-ROD® 0.438" to 8.125" diameter
  • ACC-U-BAR® square bar 0.875" to 8.000"; rectangular bar 1.000" x 1.500" to7.000" x 8.000"
  • ACC-U-HEX® 0.438" to 3.250" thickness
  • ACC-U-PLATE® 0.250" to 4.000" thickness x 6.000" to 18.000" width
  • ACC-U-LINE JUMBO ROD 8.250" to 12.125" diameters
  • ECON-O-PLATE 0.180" to 4.000" thickness x 6.000" to 18.000" width

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