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Aluminum Extrusion Channel

Hydro Extrusion is pleased to offer a full range of aluminum extrusion channel profiles for residential and commercial building, manufacturing, electrical and other industries. Channels are some of the most widely used profile shapes because the aluminum alloy’s excellent malleability makes it possible to extrude a wide variety of different profile shapes and sizes.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Many different profile shapes are called channels; however, they generally fit into several widely-used categories, including U-channel, J-channel, C-channel, both square and rectangular open seam tubing, hat channel and almost any other unusually shaped aluminum extrusion profile for which there isn’t another name, such as Z-channel.

Common uses for aluminum channels include:

  • protective edges
  • decorative trim
  • railings 
  • ladders
  • cabinets and wardrobes
  • window and door frames
  • electronics enclosures
  • securing panels of glass to walls, ceilings or floors
  • finishing the ends of vinyl siding
  • acoustic tile ceiling systems
  • hinged doors on displays and showcases
  • traffic signals
  • outer bodies of heavy vehicles
  • railroad car windows

6061 alloy channel, also called structural aluminum channel, features inside radius corners, making it ideal for applications requiring greater strength but lighter weight characteristics. 6061-T6 alloy channel has excellent joining characteristics and accepts applied coatings well. It is ideal for marine fittings and hardware, hinge pins, hydraulic pistons, appliance fittings, valves and valve parts. 6063-T5 alloy channel features square, sharp, defined edges and is a great choice for pipe and irrigation pipes, furniture, railings and architectural extrusions.

Hydro Extrusion is North America’s leader in mill standard and custom extrusions as well as the leading producer of seamless and structural aluminum pipe and tube. Our value-added services include painting (including our high speed vertical powder coating line), anodizing and special coatings. Our complete fabricating services include precision cutting to semi-finished and fully finished parts and assemblies that meet AAMA Specifications and CSI Codes.

In addition to a wide range of aluminum extrusion channel, Hydro Extrusion also offers a complete selection of rod, bar, pipe and tube aluminum products, structural angles, tees, zees, H-beams and I-beams, in a comprehensive range of standard and custom shapes, up to 22.5” wide. We also employ the latest technology for the design and manufacture of extrusion tooling, including CAD/CAM design, so our engineers and metallurgists can provide everything you need to go from concept to completed product.