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1050 Aluminum

Aluminum alloys are known for their strong corrosion resistance characteristics, and the 1xxx alloy group offers the best corrosion resistance of any alloy group. 1050 aluminum is a popular alloy for general sheet metal work where moderate strength is required. Hydro typically produces extrusion in the 6000 series of alloys. This section may refer to alloys not available from all Hydro locations.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

Hydro Extrusion North America offers several alloys in the 1xxx series for specialty applications, including 1050, 1060, 1100 and 1350, all of which can be extruded as profiles, rod, bar and tubing. The non-heat-treatable series is produced in extruded sections with a purity of at least 99.0% aluminum for alloy 1100 up to 99.6% aluminum for alloy 1060.

Properties of Alloy 1050

This alloy is typically used in applications requiring maximum ductility and moderate strength.

Its properties include:

  • commercially pure aluminum 
  • non heat-treatable
  • soft and ductile 
  • excellent cold workabilit
  • excellent corrosion resistance 
  • easily welded by MIG or TIG processes
  • excellent brazability and solderabilit
  • well-suited to chemical and electrolytic brightening
  • very good anodizing qualities
  • has a highly reflective finish

1xxx series alloys display excellent forming characteristics, which permits them to be easily impacted, cold drawn, deep drawn and bent into various configurations. However, pure aluminum has only fair machinability due to the softness of the alloy.

Alloy 1050 is typically used for general sheet metal work, architectural flashings, cable sheathing, chemical processing plant equipment, vessels, appliances, lamp reflectors and food industry containers.

Other Hydro 1xxx Alloys

  • Alloy 1060, is a relatively low strength, high purity alloy noted for its excellent welding characteristics, formability, weldability and good corrosion resistance. It has excellent forming capability by cold or hot working with commercial techniques. Applications include chemical and food handling equipment, as well as for food, pharmaceutical and liquid containers.
  • Alloy 1100, although slightly stronger than alloy 1060, shares some of the same applications, plus fin stock, spun hollowware, impacted fire extinguisher bottles and tubing. This alloy contains slight additions of silicon, iron, and copper for strength.
  • Alloy 1350 is used primarily for electrical conductors, and -H111 temper exhibits the highest electrical conductivity of all extruded aluminum conductor grades, meeting or exceeding 61.0% IACS.

Fabrication and Finishing

Hydro Extrusion also offers the fabrication required for a complete turn-key product. By casting our own material, we can also offer more than 10 different standard alloys, or we can design a specific custom alloy to meet your needs. Hydro offers complete facilities for:

  • Manufacturing
    Cast billet, die design & manufacture and extrusion
  • Fabrication
    From cutting, forming, machining and joining to assembly and special packaging
  • Finishing
    Painting, anodizing, environmentally friendly special coatings and high speed vertical powder coating line

We provide innovative solutions for new end-use applications. Our expert metallurgists and application engineering, manufacturing, design and marketing specialists are involved in the development of custom extrusion solutions for unique applications to meet the needs of the nearly every industry.

With extrusion presses throughout the U.S. and Canada, Hydro Extrusion has the capacity to supply all shapes, sizes, alloys and tempers utilizing both direct and indirect extrusion methods. We can satisfy your requirement in 1050 aluminum and other standard and proprietary alloys, taking your project from the drawing board to the finished product.