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6063 Aluminum

6063 is an aluminum-magnesium-silicon heat-treatable alloy and is one of the most popular alloys in the 6000 series. Mostly used in extruded architectural shapes, electrical components and conduit, and seamless and structural tube and pipe, 6063 aluminum is produced with extremely smooth surfaces that make it easier to anodize.

End shot of multiple extruded aluminum shapes

It also has excellent resistance to corrosion, particularly stress-corrosion cracking. Alloy 6063 is fairly easy to machine and is highly weldable. After welding, the material may soften and lose strength at the connection, but a post-weld heat treatment can be applied to restore strength and hardness.

6063 aluminum is widely used to produce long constant-cross-section structural shapes including "L" and "U" shaped channels, angles, pipe and tubing in many different shapes and sizes. Depending upon its temper, the mechanical properties of 6063 aluminum can vary greatly. The most common tempers available are 6063-T1, 6063-T4, and 6063-T5. A variety of specific improvements are realized when 6063 aluminum is produced in tempers of T52, T53, T54, T55 or T832.

Hydro Extrusion's range of 6063 aluminum products includes a wide variety of structural angles, channels, tees, zees, H-beams and I-beams. The company's decades of experience have resulted in a complete range of standard and custom shapes up to 20" circle size. Easy installation, reduced costs to transport it to the jobsite, and very little maintenance are some of the benefits of 6063 aluminum products. A wide-ranging selection of anodized finishes and finishing colors is available.

Aluminum Railing Systems are often made from high-strength, lightweight 6000 series aluminum and are available for large-scale industrial and commercial buildings or mixed-use project applications. 6000 series aluminum also offers unmatched advantages over traditional steel and concrete construction for local schools, police departments, fire protection, local business and all types of commerce. In most cases, 6063 aluminum is the foremost choice for these types of applications.

REDD Team is a leader in high-quality mobility access solutions such as ADA wheelchair ramps, aluminum pedestrian bridges, walkways, gangways and stairs that serve as key elements of buildings and must adhere to accessibility regulations. These products are also produced from 6000 series aluminum, with alloy 6063 being a prime choice because it is non-corrosive and non-combustible.

American Conduit utilizes rigid 6063 aluminum to manufacture a comprehensive line of aluminum conduit for a wide range of applications. Aluminum conduit is preferable to other conduit materials because it lowers installation cost, reduces material cost, enhances performance and offers superior durability.

Hydro Extrusion's application engineering, manufacturing, design and marketing specialists can assist you with custom 6063 aluminum solutions for your unique applications. Our CAD/CAM design capabilities and the other state-of-the-art technologies we use in the engineering and manufacture of extrusion tooling make Hydro Extrusion one of the most dynamic aluminum extrusion providers in North America.